Monday, May 5, 2014

Almost there

It is almost time for our Ted Talks. We have been getting ready for them for a few weeks and now the time is almost here. At the beginning of the project we weren't so sure on how the Ted Talks would go but now we know exactly how we want it to go. We want our Ted Talk to be funny but serious. We want to show the people that even though our project was not as we planned it, it was still fun and successful. We have filled out our planning sheet and we have a plan ready to go. There is about three more weeks until the Ted Talks and until then we will be filming and playing Say Something. We hope that everything goes good until then. Wish us luck

- Lily, Nessa, Olivia

Monday, April 21, 2014

This Thursday we have decide to talk to the kids in our club. We want to talk about things like how they need to be more focused and take it more seriously. Along with that, we need to discuss if we still want to do Royals. We have decided that we might not do Royals and we want to talk to the kids about it. After we do that we are going to film them. Our Ted Talk is coming up in about four weeks and we want to show the people what we have done. Along with this addition, we want to get the kids to focus more. We will each week bring in a different snack and eat it while we pack up. It will be a rotation of Nessa, Olivia and I. Wish us luck.

- Lily, Nessa, Olivia.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Starting and Transcribing

We have now officially started our Modern Music Club. We are going to start with “Say Something”  The song is not as challenging as we first thought since we know the song. The only problem we have is changing the keys. Keys tell you what notes need to be sharp or flat. Most modern songs have lots of sharps and flats in the original. Luckily none of the parts have more sharps or flats than the other. We will learn how to transcribe on “Royals.” The orchestra teacher is going to help us. This is very important so we can move faster next year.

- Nessa, Lily, Olivia

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog 8
getting started

It is March 24 and that mean’s our next meeting is this Thursday the 27th. We have recently gotten our first piece of music, which is Royles by Lorde. The next song we got was Say Something by Christina Aguilera and the Great World Symphony . The last song we bought was a Lion King medley. We think that this group is going well despite the fact that we don't have all the people we need. We also have started a hunt for a pianist and a person who can play the drums. We have asked the choir and band teachers at our school to tell everyone they know about it. We are hoping that we find some people soon. Wish us luck.

- Lily, Nessa and Olivia

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blog 7
Ready to go

We are all done with auditions . We had the last auditions on Thursday, the 26th of February. We have had a few more people join our group and we are really excited. Our first practice will be on March 7. We also have picked out a few pieces of music such as Beauty and the Beast and  Radioactive among others. We plan on having the people in our group vote on three songs they want to play. We are so excited and ready for this. Wish us luck.

- Lily, Nessa and Olivia

Monday, February 24, 2014

We had a meeting last week.  We told the people who tried out, or are going to, what we are expecting. Basically we want people who are serious about music, and that truly want to be there. We don’t want people who will clown around and not participate or practice because the whole point is to get people to practice, by having fun. Not many people turned out.

Now, to try and recruit more people, we are putting flyers in all the lockers. Sadly, we ran out halfway through. Now it’s time to be creative.  We are making posters to hang from the ceiling! Who wouldn't notice that? The posters are talking about when, where, who and what The Modern Music Club is.

Still, something was missing.  We need to know how many people are trying out! We made a sign-up sheet and gave it to the choir, band and orchestra teachers. We have at least 30 choir, 4 orchestra and 5 band. This isn't exactly what we wanted but we will find a way to work it out. Because in the end all I will want is to get kids to practice more while having fun!

- Lily, Olivia and Nessa

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog 6
We are coming up to the date for the auditions. We already know of some people that want to try out. We have come up with the songs that the people use to audition. All band and orchestra people will be doing a song called the Turkish March and the choir people will be doing the well known song Say Something. We decided these songs for the level of difficulty they have. wish us luck on the additions.

- Nessa, Olivia and Lily