Monday, February 24, 2014

We had a meeting last week.  We told the people who tried out, or are going to, what we are expecting. Basically we want people who are serious about music, and that truly want to be there. We don’t want people who will clown around and not participate or practice because the whole point is to get people to practice, by having fun. Not many people turned out.

Now, to try and recruit more people, we are putting flyers in all the lockers. Sadly, we ran out halfway through. Now it’s time to be creative.  We are making posters to hang from the ceiling! Who wouldn't notice that? The posters are talking about when, where, who and what The Modern Music Club is.

Still, something was missing.  We need to know how many people are trying out! We made a sign-up sheet and gave it to the choir, band and orchestra teachers. We have at least 30 choir, 4 orchestra and 5 band. This isn't exactly what we wanted but we will find a way to work it out. Because in the end all I will want is to get kids to practice more while having fun!

- Lily, Olivia and Nessa

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